Our Goal

Making you feel better, easier.

It is our mission to bring transparency and quality to the CBD market. Here at Star Spangled Supplements we have a great understanding of the benefits that CBD can bring to our lives. As veterans we have felt the effects that extended service can bring on our mental and physical health. The use of CBD has relieved these for us, as we know that it will for you.

As athletes we have experienced wear and tear on our bodies as we strive to be better, CBD has allowed us to recover faster and healthier.

As human beings that walk planet earth, we have experienced the everyday stresses that life throws at us all. Anxiety, poor sleep habits and just everyday wear and tear. We have felt CBD raise our quality of life.

It is our desire to share this with all of you. Please stand by for the launch of our company that we take pride in, and look forward to celebrating with you in the form of perks and sales.

Thank you,

Adam Allsworth