About Us

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Adam Allsworth

CEO and Co-Founder

Adam was born in Southern California, but raised in Lincoln, England. He then moved back to California as a teenager after his parents divorced. He joined the Navy right out of High School and spent most of his time overseas in Asia.

Once getting out of the Navy he spent a lot of time dealing with sleep issues, anxiety and living with constant pain. When he discovered CBD he found his cure. This is what led to him starting Star Spangled Supps.

"I've just been lucky enough to come across great people to work with to grow this company and bring our customers the highest quality and most highly tested CBD products on the market."

Mike Brown

CMO and Co-Founder

Mike Brown was born and raised in Los Angeles California and served in the US Navy for 14 years working in the intelligence field. He spent a majority of his career supporting Navy Special Operations working with Navy SEAL Teams and National Mission Units deploying multiple times to the middle east and various other parts of the world.

Mike began his own company consulting for other brands and products developing strategies to market themselves before teaming up with Adam to help create Star Spangled Supplements. He always used alternative medicines to help heal himself so once he felt the benefits of CBD oils he knew this was the right direction to go. He wanted a way still help people even after serving in the military.

You can find Mike living an active lifestyle like training for an Olympic lifting competition or training to hike his next mountain peak.