Athlete deadlifts a heavy weight while wearing a patriotic star spangled supplements CBD baseball tee.

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Power lifting champion wraps his wrists in preparation for a heavy lift. Uses Star Spangled Supps CBD to recover from hard workouts.

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Adam Allsworth performs overhead tricep extensions in a patriotic star spangled supplements CBD baseball cut tee

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1500mg CBD Muscle Rub used to help ease sore joints, muscle aches and strain. Star Spangled Supplements CBD

muscle rehabilitation.


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1500mg CBD Oil by star spangled supplements. Optimal for athletic recovery and improving sleep quality.



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back pain. discomfort. recovery. stronger.

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Recovery Made Easy

With benefits you wouldn't expect

  • Decrease
  • Anxiety
  • TBI Symptoms
  • Inflammation
  • Increase
  • Sleep
  • Alertness
  • Productivity



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  • This CBD oil has done wonders for my son. He suffers from autism and I immediately saw an improvement in his behavior. Star Spangled Supplements are truly our generations most effective medicine without harmful side effects.

    • Stefan
    • 05/24/18
  • So one week in and I love the CBD Oil!!!! I’m taking 1/3 of the pain meds and Motrin now, I sleep better and my general well being is so much better. I have my girlfriend taking this too and both of us feel an improvement with respect to anxiety. I was in Asheville NC last weekend mountain biking and my legs were never sore, we rode 3 hours a day. I feel like this product will help me cross the finish line when I compete in Ironman Louisville this October.

    • John D.
    • 04/18/18
  • Just got back from an awesome vacation at Disneyland with the family. Left the wheelchair in AZ. Walked 15 miles pain free over 3 days in the park. Didn't lose my mind over the crowds and crazy people there. Got to see Gary Sinise and take a pic on the Forest Gump bench! I'm anti-opiates in many cases. I've seen first hadnwhat that addiction can do to someone. Looking at alternatives, I've tried CBD oil. 3 days at Disneyland was a perfect test to see if this stuff was legit. I literally walked the entire time without pain. The icing on the cake was how it helped me not lose my mind around the countless people there. I am very impressed! Check out @starspangledsupp to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil. Veteran Owned!

    • ckbrewer
    • 05/25/18
  • Best quality and best customer service

    • D. Rutherford
    • 10/14/2020
  • I've been using CBD, nearly since I first heard about it. Being an athlete, having very stressful demands for work/life. I appreciate the intent for making products widely available. However, not all products are created equal, and some are just bad. I started using Star Spangled Supps CBD products because I know the people behind the company, and that is important to me. I started with the oil, then to the muscle rub, and immune support. Every single product has achieved what I was hoping it would, which is a sense of calm, whether that be mental, or inflammation in my body being reduced. I use the products as needed, and they always come through. Very thankful for them.

    • Brandon Lilly
    • 11/14/20